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Joyce Su - Counseling Psychologist Intern/SeeingCounseling Center


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Marriage and Family Therapist #112623 (California, USA)

Joyce Su - Counseling Psychologist Intern/SeeingCounseling Center
Joyce Su - Counseling Psychologist Intern/SeeingCounseling Center

I am here for you.

As we walk through life, we often carry a load of complex feelings and unresolved baggage on our shoulders. Sometimes, the weight of it all can be unbearable. This makes life harder than it has to be, especially when we are already trying to do our best with what we find in ourselves. As a therapist, I believe that a relationship with an attentive, caring, and nonjudgmental person can provide security and strength to explore our inner processes that sometimes seem stuck and unclear. Therapy will be a safe place for you to practice shedding light on the parts that you'd like more understanding, healing, growth, and change.

I create a holding space for you to release, express, and, simply, just be. A place where you can freely explore your presenting concerns, thoughts, feelings, values, and life history to gain insights that help free yourself from limiting patterns and allow your true self to emerge. I strive to create a safe place where you can talk about what’s most important to you. By listening deeply, I am dedicated to understanding where you stand, in all your thoughts and feelings. Through mirroring and reflecting, I am committed to helping you identify and move toward the future you desire.

Walking you to safety.

Wanting to feel safe and connected is a basic human need. When we don’t feel seen and heard, we don’t feel safe, and that makes it hard to live the life we secretly long for in our heart of hearts. This is where the experience of a holding and compassionate therapeutic relationship can help. I aim to foster a nurturing connection that allows the unfolding of your truest self. It would be my honor to walk alongside you and see you through your journey within.


Mood Regulation: Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Panic Attacks, Anger, Helplessness, Loneliness, Frustration, Apathy, Exhaustion

Self Exploration: Identity and Self-Perception, Major Life Transitions, Grief, Stages of Life, Existential Crisis, Life Purpose

Everything Relational: Intimacy, Interpersonal Relationships, Relational Trauma, Early Attachment Wounds, Complex PTSD, Couples and Family Therapy, Infidelity, Communication Skills, Conscious Parenting

Nervous System Regulation: Healing automatic stress response (fight/flight/freeze/fawn) through somatic practices

Multicultural Concerns: Cultural Identity and Immigration Experience, Cultural Shock and Adaption, Systematic Oppression and Structural Trauma, In-Betweenness

【An In-Depth Look Into My Specialties】

Relational Trauma & Attachment Wounds

Trauma doesn't always have to be big, horrible events or abuse; trauma also happens when emotional and attachment needs aren't getting met, when the bond between infant and caregiver gets disrupted and becomes unsafe. These early relational experiences impact our styles to form relationships and shape our expectations and responses to intimacy. By understanding your attachment wounds and attending to your safety needs, we can help you develop sustaining and meaningful connections with yourself and those around you.

Life Transitions

Whether it is life transitions that seem like a natural course of lifespan development or an unwarranted curveball that feels out of your control, changes in our external environment may feel like "earthquakes" in our internal landscape. One of my passions is working with individuals going through life transitions and helping them cope with the big feelings that come with those changes. It can be helpful to have a supporting companion during these trying times.

Culturally Sensitive

It is my responsibility to be culturally sensitive and responsive. I strive to honor the full range of who you are by learning about your sociocultural history and cultural identity. Although I specialize and am familiar with the themes and shared experiences among Asian Americans, international students, and the immigrant population, I recognize that each person has unique weavings of intersectionality and aim to understand your cultural experience from your point of view.

【Therapeutic Orientation】

My approach is relational-based and psychodynamic. As we work together, we will establish a unique therapeutic relationship that is like no other. The relationship serves as a safe base to foster a process of transformation. We will explore all the intricacies and complexities of your personal journey. We will explore how your early life experiences may have impacted the way you see yourself and the world around you. Together, we will walk through your inner landscape at a pace that feels safe for you. Through this co-constructed journey, you may learn to navigate relationships with yourself and the world with acceptance, awareness, insights, and love.

【Professional Experience】

  • Medens Health, Beverly Hills | Psychotherapist (USA)

  • Insight Psychotherapy Group, Beverly Hills | Psychotherapist (USA)

  • Airport Marina Counseling Service, Los Angeles | Psychotherapist (USA)

  • Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets, Los Angeles | Psychotherapist (USA)

  • The People Concern, Santa Monica | Intern Marriage and Family Therapist (USA)


  • Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis, Extensive Foundation Program (USA)

  • Pepperdine University, Graduate School of Education and Psychology, Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology with an Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy (USA)

  • University of Southern California, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Minor in Occupational Science (USA)

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist/AMFT
Associate Marriage and Family Therapist/AMFT

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