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Tzuyin (Amber) Wu - Counseling Psychologist/Seeing Counseling Center


Tzuyin (Amber) Wu - Counseling Psychologist/Seeing Counseling Center
Tzuyin (Amber) Wu - Counseling Psychologist/Seeing Counseling Center


Counseling Psychologist/Taiwan/#005870


  • Trauma and PTSD 

  • Addiction  

  • Eating Disorders

  • Parenting

  • Caregivers Stress Management

  • Depression / Anxiety / Emotional Regulation

  • Relationship and Dating / Divorce Counselling

  • Work Stress Difficulties 

  • Boundary Issues / Communication Skills 

  • Internal Conflict Integration


I believe that every event and people shown up in our life are endowed with certain meanings,

especially when they bring difficulties and challenges.

When people around you are unable to provide supports or assistance you need,

Welcome to our counseling center and let me hear you.

Let me offer mental support, companionship and guidance that you need,

Helping you get through loneliness and challenges in life.

I like to have conversations with people who are confused or stressed out.

Although the healing process could be uncomfortable sometimes,

I believe that when we tackle the discomfort of life together, we could work things out together.

During counseling, I want to help you find out the crucial factors of chief complaint. 

We could discuss the meaning behind the challenges and reconnect your body with mind, using more resources to find a better way to cope with difficulties.


# Multicultural sensitivities and capacity based on rich life experiences

My diversified life experiences have helped me understand my clients more effectively.

I obtained my MBA in the U.S. and worked in Japan after graduating.

Living in different countries has helped me develop a sensitivity to diverse cultures, ethnicities, and sexual orientations.

Besides, based on my previous working experience as a marketing specialist and a investor, I help my client explore their struggles and difficulties from the perspectives of financial resources and mental constraints.

# Personalize the rhythm and orientation of healing for you

I believe that everyone deserves to be seen and treated well.

Everyone faces different challenges in life, as a therapist, I expect myself to guide and assist you in a personalized way.

If you can give me and yourself a period of time and some patience,

we could work together exploring the vital factors caused the symptoms or the disturbing events as well as finding a healthier coping strategy.

I believe that counseling could help you live more peacefully, feel comfortable in your own skin and experience yourself as a whole.


  • Seeing Counseling Center | Counseling Psychologist (Taiwan)

  • Hsin-Tien Psychological Counselling Clinic | Counseling Psychologist (Taiwan)

  • Taipei Municipal Xinsheng Elementary School | Counseling Psychologist (Taiwan)

  • Taipei City Hospital Renai Branch Psychiatry Department | Counseling Psychologist Intern (Taiwan)


National Taiwan Normal University 

  • Masters of Educational Psychology and Counseling

Claremont Graduate University(USA) 

  • Master of Business Administration, MBA

National Taiwan University

  • Bachelor of Economics

Hokkaido University (Japan)

  • Law Department Exchange Student

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