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Amy Ni - Counseling Psychologist/Seeing Counseling Center


Amy Ni - Counseling Psychologist/Seeing Counseling Cente
Amy Ni - Counseling Psychologist/Seeing Counseling Cente

#Bilingual Counseling # Mood and Stress Regulation #Self-Exploration #Relationships


Counseling Psychologist at Seeing Psychology Counseling Center.


  • Volunteer at Dharma Drum Lifeline Counseling Center

  • Senior Volunteer counselor at Taipei Teacher Chang Center

  • Senior Volunteer counselor at New Taipei City Teacher Chang Center

  • Full-time teacher at Yu Da Vocational High School

  • Full-time teacher and advisor at Shin Shing Senior High School

  • Special Assistant at Huarn Merng Enterprise Co., Ltd.

  • Special Assistant at New Deantronics Taiwan Ltd.

  • Full-time Psychologist/Counseling Group Leader at Chi-Zong Counselor Institute

  • Cooperating Psychologist for Taiwan Power Company's EAPs

  • Cooperating Psychologist for Corporate EAPs


  • Counseling Psychologist/Taiwan/#005358

  • Master in Psychology and Counseling, Taipei City University , Taipei, Taiwan.

  • Completed the Integrated Course in Long-Term Care and Healthcare for Healthcare Professionals (Levels I, II, and III)

  • Completed the Pre-Established Medical Care Counseling Personnel Training

  • Trained as a Seed Instructor for Family Negotiation

  • Trained as a Psychodrama Director

  • Completed an internship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Taipei City Hospital Songde Branch

  • Qualified as a secondary school teacher

  • Qualified in training for primary school English teachers."


  • Emotional and stress regulation

  • Interpersonal relationship /Intimacy relationship

  • Self-Growth

  • Self-Exploration

  • Culture Shock


In my many years of practical experience, I have come to believe that everyone is unique and does not need to be classified or labeled. Through accompanying others, I have been repeatedly touched by their inner resilience, which has convinced me that everyone has hidden potential. However, in life, we may be influenced by various factors and may suppress or even lose ourselves, or we may not be able to see more possibilities in life due to the dark circumstances we encounter.

Like those I accompany, I have also experienced various life challenges. The lessons learned from these experiences are that if we can give ourselves enough compassion and patience during difficult times, the pain and hardship we experience will one day become a memory and a transition, and the crystallization we gain from it will enrich our lives.

However, to better respond to life's challenges, we must first be willing to take good care of ourselves and be able to "see" what is happening? what's wrong with ourselves? what's wrong with our relationships? how are people or things in the external environment affecting us? It's not easy for any of us to have clear insight because of our biases or concerns, which often lead us into cycles of repetition or chaos and pain that are hard to escape from. Courage is needed to try something different, such as seeking professional help.

When accompanying those I work with, I see myself as a guide who brings light into their current situation and future path through professional assistance. In the process of walking together, we can overcome the obstacles and valleys in life with the help of compassionate support."

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