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Janine Lu - Counseling Psychologist/Seeing Counseling Center


ChenChen Lu - Counseling Psychologist/Seeing Counseling Center
Janine Lu - Counseling Psychologist/Seeing Counseling Center

#IFS #Grief and Loss #Family Therapy #Emotional and Stress Regulation #Relationship and Couples Therapy #Internal Family Systems Therapy

#Bilingual Counseling #Self-Exploration


College of Education and Human Services, Seton Hall University, NJ, USA

  • Educational specialist: Marriage and Family therapy

  • Master of Arts in Education: Psychological studies


Counseling Psychologist/Taiwan/#001437

BWRT (BrainWorking Recursive Therapy) Level I Therapist/UK

IFS (Internal Family Systems) Completion of Level I training/USA


Counseling Psychologist, Bethel Psychiatric Clinic, Taipei, Taiwan

Supervisor of Counseling Psychologist, Taipei Student Counseling Center, Taiwan

Counselor Psychologist, Taipei Student Counseling Center, Taipei, Taiwan

Counselor, The Mustard Seed Mission, Taipei & Hualien, Taiwan

Counselor, part time, Modern Women’s Foundation, Taipei, Taiwan


Individual Therapy, Couple Therapy, Family Therapy/Parent-Child Relationship

Eating Disturbance

  • Body Images, Depression, Obsessed Restrictions, Self-hate or Self-harm, Fears

Original Family Dynamics

  • Attachment Wounds, Physical or Verbal violence, Neglect, Violation of Boundary, Legacy Burdens, Parent-Child Conflicts,

Trauma events

  • Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault, Bullying, Life Threatened, Accident /Disaster


  • Sorrow, Lost, Pain, Separation, Illness, Death, Rage

Substance Dependence

  • Alcohol, Nicotine, Food, Shopaholic

Mood Regulation & Stress

  • Anxiety, Fears, Phobia, Panic, Depression, Anger, Obsessive Compulsive, Apathy, Insomnia, Dysautonomia

Self Exploration:

  • Shame, Loneliness, Helplessness, Hopelessness, Self-critics, Early Trauma, Low Esteem, Guilt, Dissociation, Suicidal Ideas, Identity, Somatic

Interpersonal Relationships:

  • Intimacy, Infidelity, Conflicts, Separation, Grief, Communication Skills


  • English

  • Mandarin

  • Taiwanese

About Me/My Counseling Philosophy

I integrate IFS therapy, Carl Jung, Object theory, and Attachment theory for my professional theory. It provides for me recognizing that people are influenced by our parents, caretakers, relatives, peers, friends, religions, or educational systems in our early lives. At the some time, we create our protective system for surviving to facing any circumstances or challenges. However, the protective system could become extreme parts when we encounter negative family interaction, interpersonal relationships problems, traumas, stress, accident, or illness in different stages of life. People could also be triggered by challenges or problems that could influence on our stability of emotions, create psychological and behavior symptoms.

If you are ready to understand your difficulties, you are giving yourself a chance to know your internal thoughts, feelings or beliefs. When you are in therapeutic process, you have a professional guide to listen, explore, and help for your recovery and healing. You will transform from the past, sense of internal growth and regain your energy to face your current life.

I hope that everyone could be given opportunities to improve their lives through psychotherapy or IFS Therapy. When you understand your internal world, you will see everything so differently. You will feel enrichment and happiness of your life, and see the hope of possibilities in the future.

“When we see through the eyes of parts, the world looks very different than when we see through the eyes of the Self.”

by Richard C. Schwartz” Internal Family Systems “(second edition)

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