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Common Counseling Topics
Seeing Counseling Center has a diverse team of English-Speaking counseling psychologists who offer a wide range of services from individual counseling, couples counseling, to group counseling. In your counseling session, you will meet with a psychologist of your choice and work collaboratively towards your goals in a safe and and supportive environment.

Our psychologists are all trained in various areas of expertise including but not limited to the following common counseling topics:
Depressive Moods

Insomnia, feeling down, lack of motivation...

Traumatic Experiences


Image by Aliaksei Lepik
Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Hyperventilation, rapid heart rate, feeling nervous

Image by Noah
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Why can't I stop double checking everything?

Image by Michał Bożek
Play Therapy

Allow your kids to express themselves through toys

Image by Kristina Flour
Selective Mutism

Quiet but loudest minds

Image by kyo azuma
School Refusal

There are many reasons behind a child's anxiety

Image by Kin Li
Child & Adolescent

Express your individuality

Image by Raychel Sanner
Life Purpose

Find your purpose in life

Image by Dương Hữu
Couples Counseling

Honey, let's build a long lasting relationship 

Image by Kevin Delvecchio
Family Issues

Conflicts, expectations, and disagreements

Image by Annie Spratt
Eating Disorders

Learn to love your body the way it is 

Image by Cecilie Johnsen
LGBTQ+ Issues

Embrace your sexuality

Image by Ludovic Toinel
Internet Addiction

Can't stop scrolling...

Image by Claire Kelly
Grief & Loss

Let's face it together

Image by MK Hamilton

Unlock deeper meanings behind your dreams

Mid-Life Topics
Image by Noah Näf
Special Topics
English-Speaking Counseling
Image by Y S
Multicultural Counseling





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