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Xiaojing Ye - Counseling Psychologist/Seeing Counseling Center

#Depressed Mood & Anxiety #Bilingual Counseling #Relationship Issues

#Grief and Loss #Career Counseling & Self Growth

#Psychoanalytic Approach Psychotherapy


Tamkang University, Taiwan Education and Counseling, M.Psy

University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA Psychology, B.A


Licensed Counseling Psychologist (Taiwan)

Global Career Development Facilitator (Taiwan)


  • Counseling Psychologist, JUST! Mental Health Clinic

  • Counseling Psychologist, Counseling Center, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

  • Trainee, Division of General Psychiatry, Taipei City Hospital Songde Branch

  • Intern, Counseling Center, Taipei Municipal Longshan Junior High School


  • Interpersonal relationship/ Intimacy relationship

  • Depression/ Anxiety/ Psychosomatic Disorder/ OCD

  • Stress Management and Self-Growth

  • Grief and Loss

  • Psychoanalytic Approach Psychotherapy


Have you ever wondered since when you stop asking questions? In a crowd and noisy relationship, "I" seems to be able to decide anything yet feels very small and limited, like Somebody and Nobody. If the truth of life is living, do you often feel self-blaming for being "different"? To wish to hear your own voice, having selfness and a little freedom from absurd relationships, entering the clinic with doubt and loneliness may be like a caesura, after leaving consulting room, your legend shall be continued.

Rest at sunrise, Work at moonrise, day by day is the state of inner psychological exploration. Working in the shadow and cultivating in the desert are where the edge of depths of our hearts that make us preserving the power of words. If I could(speak), "If I could turn back the clock, I'd make sure the light defeated the dark, to keep you safe.” -- You Are The Reason/Calum Scott

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